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Saying "goodbye" to BluScenes and "hello" to UltraScenes.

Posted on April 30, 2014 by Scenic Labs | 0 comments

We've been quiet as of late, as we prepare for our next stage.  Despite the lack of posts, there are some major releases worth mentioning.


First, we have a major Europe-only release scheduled in the next two weeks.  We are currently under NDA, but will post links to the project as soon as it is lifted.  The approximate street date is 15 May.  It represents a lot of "firsts" and has been created in coordination with two big names in home theatre.

The other bit of news is that we are releasing our final two discs under the BluScenes brand.  It doesn't mark the end of Blu-ray releases, although we will no longer release anything that is not sourced from 4K-or-above masters.  There are some BluScenes discs that were filmed in 4K, such as Coral Reef Aquarium. Rather than release those as UltrScenes, we will include those 4K scenes as bonus material with our new UltraScenes releases.  

This isn't a sudden change.  In the last year, we've moved away from the BluScenes brand and have focused on Scenic Labs, mostly due to the growing number of downloads.  Whereas downloads comprised only 10% of our sales last year, they've grown to about 40% this year.  Since there is no 4K physical format commercially available, we expect downloads to overshadow disc sales for the first time in 2014.


Thanks again for your business. 

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