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Coming Soon: The return of Joe Kane's Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics

Posted on November 26, 2012 by Scenic Labs | 0 comments

DVE HD Basics by Joe Kane ProductsWhen you spend a lot of your time staring at a monitor, whether working, gaming or watching TV, you really recognize the importance of proper installation and calibration, not only from a perspective of entertainment, but also from one of ergonomics and fidelity.  

Almost 10 years ago, I had the privilege of first meeting Joe Kane at the Microsoft Suite at the now-defunct Video Software Dealers Association convention in Las Vegas.  My old employer, DVD International, distributed his Video Essentials DVD and he was on the cusp of starting his Digital Video Essentials revolution for DVD, D-Theater, Windows Media DVD Rom and ultimately HD DVD and Blu-ray.  It was the first time that I had ever witnessed an image on an HD projector, and it took all of the computer processing power of the early 00's to make it happen.  Joe excels at pushing entertainment technology to its limits, and the image quality was beyond anything I had ever seen outside of a movie theater. 

He hinted that he was working on a new product -- the culmination of his experiences as perhaps the foremost digital imaging expert in the world.  This product, DVE HD Basics, would teach consumers how to judge the capabilities of a home theater system and to avoid some of the marketing hype that makes selecting a setup so difficult.  It would also tell you how to get a truly great picture and sound from your TV, while explaining why these settings work the way they do.  

Over the last few years, Digital Video Essentials HD Basics, became hard to find, partly a result of some management decisions made at the old distributor, including one that restricted the use of the disc to certain regions.   A few months ago, the distributor's website went dark and the phone was disconnected.  Because the disc was often out of stock, a used copy of HD Basics often sold for 3-5 times the price of a new disc. I'd left my former employer years ago, but now that I run a Blu-ray label in the market that they decided to exit, I contacted Joe to see if he would be interested in rereleasing HD Basics as a Region Free Edition.  He graciously agreed, and the resulting disc will begin shipping in approximately two weeks.

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