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Joe Kane's Digital Video Essentials HD Basics is confirmed for Tuesday, December 11th release.

Posted on December 08, 2012 by Scenic Labs | 0 comments

We are pleased to announce that HD Basics is being re-released on December 11th, and just as it was when it was first released as one of the very first Blu-ray discs in 2007, it should probably be required viewing for everybody with an HDTV. 

We didn't announce the release sooner because the old distributor went under and took the masters with them.  We had to painstakingly recreate a master to identical specifications.  The content and menus and function of this disc are 100% identical.  The only change is the addition of what is colloquially called a "PS3 Thumbnail."

Besides telling you how to tweak your TV settings to get the best picture and sound, HD Basics explains the reasons why these settings work.   For example, the legacy of black and white and the crossover to color TV still has an impact on how images are transmitted today.  Understanding the parts of the components of the picture gives you a better idea of what your TV can (and cannot) do. 

Equally important to Scenic Labs and to Joe Kane Productions is that we will support existing and past customers as we do with all of our products.  The former distributor shut its doors despite HD Basics being one of the top-selling Blu-ray discs.  Now that the disc has a new home, we won't ignore the needs of past customers.  Whether it's simple questions about use, to problems with a disc, please reach out to us.

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