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Joe Kane's DVE HD Basics is officially re-released today. Just in time for the "big game." (nudge-nudge, wink-wink).

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Apparently, you are not supposed to mention the "Big Game" by name online.  You are supposed to say "Sooper Bole" or something like that.  Personally, for me, this time of year is all about sweeps, and while I'm not what one might call even slightly "sports-minded," I can appreciate the drama of college kids battling it out in the NCAA.

Still, Sub-par ;-) Bowl Sunday is a great day for me, the wife and the kids to get out and enjoy quiet time at the mall, at a restaurant or at the movies.  Ironically, the fewer TVs they have, the better the choice.  But we're not the norm. For most, Soup Arbol Sunday is time to invite people over to show off your newest home theater purchases.  

Every year countless people either buy a new TV or get one as a gift for the holidays. And this time of year is the perfect opportunity to use and show off these new purchases and even to do a little bit of guinea-pigging.  What do I find when I'm the guinea pig?  Most people aren't properly setting up their brand new gear.  Either they place the TV in a bad location, have terrible lighting and ambience, or they simply haven't taken the time to calibrate it correctly. 

This results in a picture that is not nearly as great as it could be.

With the advancements of recent years in TV and Blu-ray technology most people aren't informed about how to get the best from their home theater system. Whether it's ambient lighting impacting the picture or other factors, no one wants to purchase an expensive system and not get the best image. 

That's where Joe Kane's DVE HD Basics comes in.  You can find our more about calibration and the HD Basics calibration disc at

And of course, when it comes to the Super Bowl, we all want the absolute best viewing experience possible.   Oops, I think I just heard my doorbell ring...  See the press release below:

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