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Coming Soon: Summer releases bring more fine art.

Posted on June 28, 2013 by Scenic Labs | 0 comments

Some of our most gratifying success stories have been our line of fine art discs, such as Gallery Moderna, Gallery Musée, The Fractal Plane, and we are pleased to be introducing two new fine art discs, by San Base and Christopher Ursitti, which also are among the first new discs to feature our new packaging designs (still in progress).

We've also upgraded all of our downloads to higher bitrate (and 3-4x larger files), and plan to also offer 1080p downloads (current downloads are 720p).  There might be a slightly higher cost for the 1080p downloads, although we are trying to bring hosting costs down (Amazon S3 costs about $.10 per GB, so a 25 GB download costs $2.50.  If downloaded 10 times, that's $25 in hosting fees). 

Anyway, to get back on topic, we can't wait for the new discs, pictured below:

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