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The Scenery Channel For Waiting Rooms, Spas and Lodging and Cable TV on demand.

The Scenery Channel: A calming presence in your waiting room or operatory.

Scenic Labs' The Scenery Channel 1080p and 4K downloads (and Blu-ray Discs)deliver relaxing video with nature sounds and/or music directly to your patients on any 4K or HDTV.  All of our programs include a free single-screen public display license at no additional charge, which makes BluScenes great for your patients without being a drain on resources that can be used for other purposes.  

If you wish to present the video from a media server, please contact us.  We can also include branding and messaging based on your unique requirements (per hour editing charges may apply depending upon the complexity). We are happy to consult with you about the best way to achieve your goals.

When comparing pricing with other downloads, remember that our prices are for programs made of multiple chapters with different scenery and viewing options.   For example, The 4K UHD Aquarium includes three separate 20 minute chapters totalling over an hour.  

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