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MediaLight Bias Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the lights turn on and off with the TV?

What you are really asking is: “Does the USB port on my TV turn off when the TV us turned off?

The answer is, “It depends.”

Bias lights plugged into a TV will turn on and off with the TV only on models that cut off power to the USB port when the TV is turned off. 

Don't all TVs do this? 

Unfortunately, they don’t.

Some TVs leave the USB port on when the TV is off. Other TVs turn the USB port on and off every 10 seconds when the TV is turned off (Sony Bravia, for example).  

Note: We've posted a partial fix for the Bravia Bug. It only stops the flashing and keeps the USB port on constantly. This, however is enough to run power from the TV while using the MediaLight remote or a smart hub to turn the lights on and off.  

Some generic LED manufacturers claim that their lights, which often lack remote controls or even an on/off switch, turn off automatically with the TV. At best, this is misleading, and at worst, it’s false advertising.

This is why we include an AC adapter and a remote control with our MediaLights for TV.

You can teach the remote control commands to your universal remote or smart hub with IR blaster.

However, if your TV does turn off the power to your USB when the TV is turned off, your MediaLight will lose power and I guess that you could call this "turning off."

Does the MediaLight bias light change colors?

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What's covered under the 5 year warranty?

Who pays return shipping if I don't want to keep my MediaLight? Are there restocking fees?

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What do you think about lights that change colors with the TV?

Do your lights change colors? Are they warm white? Are they cool white? 

Are the MediaLight Bias Lights exact D65? 

Why does my Lumu meter give me measurements that are off by 300-5000K (in either direction?) 

How many lumens do your bias lights emit? Are they bright enough for HDR displays?

Does The MediaLight bias light emit a blueish light?

Are your Bias Lights D65 compliant?

Can I buy the MediaLight without a dimmer?

Do you sell your products on Amazon.com?

What about your company? What expertise do you bring to the bias light space?

A similarly-priced set of bias lights from Amazon claimed to be 6500K, but the LED's were not accurate at all! They looked green and blue! How do I know that your bias lights are any different?

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