The MediaLight Warranty

Your MediaLight includes an amazing 5 year warranty.  

Every component is covered for 5 years from the date of purchase for every imaginable reason. This is not limited to manufacturer defects. It also covers installation goof-ups, accidental damage and, yes, even theft.

The MediaLight costs more because we use better, more accurate LEDs and more robust components. Because of the cost of our components, we design everything with a modular approach. If something goes wrong, it's just a matter of replacing one part, not the entire system. Cheaper systems usually need to be tossed when one component breaks. 

If something happens to your MediaLight, we will either identify the cause and send the necessary replacement parts, or replace the entire unit free of charge (replacement parts or units are sent by standard USPS shipping).

Examples of covered warranty claims:

"The dog chewed my remote control" 
"I accidentally cut the power end of the light strip."
"The basement flooded and took my home theatre with it."
"The lights stopped working and I don't know why." 
"My studio was robbed."

We approve every warranty claim. Don't believe it? Try us. We use quality components and our MediaLight bias lights are built like a tank. However, if something does go wrong -- even something not usually covered by a warranty -- we view it as a chance to remind you of why you picked MediaLight in the first place. 

If we had to compete on price, using the high quality, ultra-high CRI, ISF-certified-for-accuracy components that we use in The MediaLight, we'd be totally screwed. However, we realised that there was a gaping hole in the market when it came to accuracy, quality, service and warranty.  We hold our suppliers to the same exacting standards. When we replace a part, our suppliers reimburse us. 

While The MediaLight might cost slightly more, it does what it says on the tin and our bias lighting systems include everything that you need right in the box -- and that's our guarantee to you. With The MediaLight, you won't need to order a separate dimmer, remote control or power supply.  You won't need to run to your hardware store for wire mounting clips, velcro straps (to tame the wires) or tools. We've included everything. 

We'd prefer to focus on making great bias lights than waste our time trying to figure out whether a warranty claim is covered. (This doesn't mean that we won't ask to prove that you own the lights before sending replacement parts or replace parts on lights made by another manufacturer -- if you don't have a receipt, we may require photos of some of your components). 

What's the catch here? Nothing.

True story: A few years ago we decided to switch to a stronger adhesive on our strips because our previous MediaLight models were falling off the new LG and Sony TVs.  We realised that this also made it very difficult to remove the strips without sometimes breaking them. So, we made the decision to cover all types of breakage because we'd rather be known as the company that makes lights that can't be removed than the company whose lights end up in a pile on the floor the next morning.