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Tranquility Channel by Scenic Labs

A huge benefit for your patients, at an extraordinary price.

Tranquility Channel by Scenic Labs is a rights-cleared 24/7 TV channel of non-stop relaxing scenery with calming music and/or nature sounds, which can help mask background noise of a busy hospital, and even improve hospital scores by ensuring that patients are as comfortable and rested as possible.  

We can either help you to integrate the channel with your existing CCTV or IPTV infrastructure or simply send a pre-loaded hard drive for you to ingest.  All Tranquility Channel by Scenic Labs content is approved for all ages and sensibilities.  

Our pricing is transparent and fair.

Tranquility Channel by Scenic Labs is built on the same common sense set-and-forget licensing that made Scenic Labs' consumer and professional products a mainstay of doctors' office around the world.  A basic perpetual site license currently costs $5,000 and includes Tranquility Channel content in an unprotected format on a hard drive, along with a license for the first 100 screens.  Additional screens cost a mere $1,000 per 100 screens.  

For example:

  • If your hospital has 600 TV screens, the total one-time cost is $10,000  
  • Your one-time license entitles you to upgrade with future content that is continually released by Tranquility Channel by Scenic Labs - at no additional charge.  
  • There are no monthly bills, no royalties and no hidden charges.  There are no ongoing subscription fees.  We are not running a continuity program or billing you monthly.

Scenic Labs' video experts will either provide the video in a format supported by your CCTV/IPTV system, or guide you to a hardware solution with one of our hardware partners.  Additionally, because all of our content features "seamless looping," you can lengthen or shorten favored segments with minimal editing skill -- or we can edit together a program for you at a reasonable hourly fee.

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