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The BluScenes Compendium: 12 Scenery Blu-ray Discs with Digital Copy Download

The BluScenes Compendium: 12 Scenery Blu-ray Discs with Digital Copy Download

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The BluScenes Compendium contains the FULL versions of all 12 of our current ambient offerings!  These are not samples or altered versions.  These discs sell for $300 when purchased separately.

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Turn your Screen into a Scene with The BluScenes Compendium Vol. 1 from Scenic Labs featuring twelve ambient Blu-ray discs captured in stunning 1080p HD video. This scenic library, complete with 7.1 DTS-HD MA lossless audio, 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround with optional nature sounds or original music has become the fastest selling ambient collection through its unique combination of technology and design. Now it's available, for the first time, in one package - all tied together in a beautiful presentation case by Danish manufacturer, Scanavo.From colorful aquarium tanks, to cutting-edge fractal art. From a cozy fireplace or impressionist paintings, to the furthest reaches of the universe. BluScenes discs are the perfect background entertainment for your HDTV. This box set includes the bonus disc Lighthouses of the Pacific Northwest, by Stacey Spears. It's one of the best reference quality Blu-ray discs ever made, with an SRP of $20.

The BluScenes Compendium Vol. 1 contains twelve Blu-ray discs:

1) The Scenic Aquarium (new!) 100 Minutes
2) The Classic Fireplace 120 Minutes
3) Journey Through Space 63 Minutes
4) Underwater Cozumel 100 Minutes
5) Waves of Tranquility 72 Minutes
6) Gallery Moderna 62 Minutes
7) The Fractal Plane (new!) 74 Minutes
8) Gallery Musée (new!) 88 Minutes
9) Flowering Gardens (new!) 74 Minutes
10) The Coral Reef Aquarium 62 Minutes
11) Majestic Waterfalls 63 Minutes
12) Lighthouses of the Pacific Northwest, by Stacey Spears (bonus!) 45 Minutes

Digital Copy

As a special bonus, we now include free Digital Copy instant download in 720p (don't worry, the Blu-rays are still 1080p - but we had to reduce the size of the downloads) with most of our discs (when ordered via our site).  The only current exceptions are Gallery Moderna (we're working on rendering it again from the masters), and Lighthouses of the Pacific Northwest, which is available on Blu-ray in our Compendium under license from Blibbet Entertainment.  We might be able to offer downloads of that disc, but we haven't had a chance to discuss with the publisher yet. 

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