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Oh, hello again!

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Wow, what a whirlwind year.  First, let me begin by apologizing about not posting to the blog in quite some time.  To make up for it, We'll be sure to post two times a day from now on.

:-) Anyway, we were working on some projects. 

Knowhow Picture Perfect

First and foremost, if you live in the United Kingdom or Republic or Ireland, you can head over to your local Currys PC World and pick up a copy of Knowhow Picture Perfect.  Knowhow brings an unprecedented level of usability to home theater optimization, and it's all based on the tried-and-true methodology and imaging expertise of Joe Kane Productions.  Yes, this is for all of the people who love the results but might find the original DVE hard to use. 

Filmed in London, with guided menus and an approachable and an all-new "recommended set up," Picture Perfect is, by far, the most user-friendly optimization program ever created.   Usable without being patronizing, there are no attempts at calibration puns or "for dummies" instructions.  Instead, it's an enriching and rewarding experience.  You'll get great results and you will learn some things you didn't know. 

The entire program has been rebuilt from the ground up and everything was done under the watchful eye of Joe Kane.    And, of course, if you are looking for the advanced content, all of the great information is still there (moved to an "advanced" section), with some updated information, new polish and a brand new, decidedly British narration.  

If you are interested in distributing this disc in your region, feel free to drop us a line. 

Digital Video Essentials UHD version 0.9 (Yes, there's now a DVE for 4K)

Scenic Labs, LLC, in cooperation with Joe Kane Productions and Gary Demos’ Image Essence, LLC, announces the release of Joe Kane Productions’ Digital Video Essentials UHD v 0.9 as a USB 3.0 thumb drive for industry professionals in urgent need of the tools to accurately assess the next-generation of content creation and home theater products. Digital Video Essentials UHD is available for professionals today for $150.



The materials on the Digital Video Essentials UHD v 0.9 drive are divided into two categories; test signals and still images. Up to this point in the consumer world, video bit depth has been limited to 8 bits, and while DVE UHD certainly includes 8-bit patterns in a variety of formats for plug-and-play compatibility with USB-enabled 4K Smart TVs, and .bmp-capable pattern generators, it also includes lossless 16-bit High Dynamic Range .exr files to allow the flexibility for use in any demanding UHD 4K workflow.

Jason Rosenfeld, President of Scenic Labs, says, “The faithful reproduction of film and broadcast content has been the unifying theme behind all of Joe Kane’s work, as a producer, industry leader and consumer advocate for better home theater standards. In teaming up with another industry legend, Gary Demos, one of the fathers of modern computer-generated special effects, they’ve created a collection of test materials that are up to the task of running the next generation of home theater hardware and software through its paces.”

You can read the whole press release over here...



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Saying "goodbye" to BluScenes and "hello" to UltraScenes.

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We've been quiet as of late, as we prepare for our next stage.  Despite the lack of posts, there are some major releases worth mentioning.


First, we have a major Europe-only release scheduled in the next two weeks.  We are currently under NDA, but will post links to the project as soon as it is lifted.  The approximate street date is 15 May.  It represents a lot of "firsts" and has been created in coordination with two big names in home theatre.

The other bit of news is that we are releasing our final two discs under the BluScenes brand.  It doesn't mark the end of Blu-ray releases, although we will no longer release anything that is not sourced from 4K-or-above masters.  There are some BluScenes discs that were filmed in 4K, such as Coral Reef Aquarium. Rather than release those as UltrScenes, we will include those 4K scenes as bonus material with our new UltraScenes releases.  

This isn't a sudden change.  In the last year, we've moved away from the BluScenes brand and have focused on Scenic Labs, mostly due to the growing number of downloads.  Whereas downloads comprised only 10% of our sales last year, they've grown to about 40% this year.  Since there is no 4K physical format commercially available, we expect downloads to overshadow disc sales for the first time in 2014.


Thanks again for your business. 

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Good news and bad news.

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First, the good news:

We now ship our products from Canada and the UK for seriously fast delivery. 

Now, the bad news:

We are now registered to collect GST and VAT and are legally required to do so. 

But wait, there's still a silver lining:

For the time being (at least), we are including VAT and GST in the selling price rather than adding it on.  :-)

Special bonus:

Since we figured out how to do this, we are also including NJ sales tax in the product price.

In other words, you get the discs, we'll pay the tax.  So I guess, that's bad news is for us, but good news for you.  :)


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$25 Flat Rate 1-2 Day Earth Shipping

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Do you live on EARTH?

If so, you might be interested in our newly-negotiated DHL Express shipping rates!
$25 flat, and you get the discs within 1-2 days (3 to some more-remote and exotic locations, you know who you are...).

What does that mean?  Whether you buy one disc or 20, you pay $25 to ship it worldwide in under 3 days, and for an extremely limited time we will allow this offer to be combined with our Buy-Two-Get-One free offer. 

We are also working on setting up more worldwide distribution centers for cheaper local service, but our professional customers asked for something fast, and we are thrilled that the folks at DHL were able to help us out.  Now we just need to promote it so we can keep our low rates.

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Our Aquarium for Roku, BrightSign and Apple TV

Posted on August 03, 2013 by Scenic Labs | 0 comments

If you own a Roku or Apple TV and have been looking for an Aquarium that you can loop on your devices, here are a few things to know.

1) All of our downloads show up on Apple TV under "music videos."   We classified them as such so that looping is possible.  If you want to reclassify it, you can just right click on the file in iTunes (under music videos) and select "Get Info."  Then simply select the "options" tab and change media kind from "music video" to "movie" or whatever else you want.

2) If using a Roku, the best solution for looping video seems to be the free Nowhereman USB browser.  It's free and you can add it by searching for it on the site.  There is an Official USB channel that you can install but we confirmed that it does not support looping.

3) BrightSign users are lucky.  BrightSign devices support looping out of the box. 

We've considered offering a subscription channel, but we believe that ownership of the files is a better value and a better use of bandwidth for both you and us.  However, we are considering offering an app that allows playing of local video files from USB or MiniSD as an actual screensaver that comes on when the device is not in use.  It might be free or we might charge a token sum of about $1-2 to cover development.

That's it! Enjoy your aquarium!

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